Thank you for visiting our Sellers page which explains how to sell your property for the Highest Possible Price and how to interview and select your next Real Estate Agent!

The goal of The Heldoorn Group is always to achieve the Highest Possible Price for their sellers. One of Chris’ favorite sayings is, “The power in negotiations is in the ability to walk away and the skill is never having to!”  Negotiations are a form of art that are learned and mastered only through experience. When selling your property home, make sure you have a Heldoorn in your corner!

We at The Heldoorn Group, Real Estate Agents with Keller Williams in Beverly Hills and Mission Viejo, love it when our clients say that we have negotiation tactics they have never seen before or that we are the “who they want in their corner” when they sell their property with us or we negotiate a purchase of their home.

Chris is skilled at getting what clients want – the Highest Possible Price with the best possible terms!

Selling a home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. When deciding who is going to help you with such a vital transaction, it’s important to assess the skills and background of the individual that’s going to walk you through the process. To assist you in making the proper decision, The Heldoorn Group with Keller Williams has created 12 questions to ask your real estate agent. After you review the list, ask yourself:



The Heldoorn Group of Keller Williams has developed the following questions to assist you in making the correct decision:
It would be our pleasure to provide you with this list of questions via e-mail.  Just let us know

1. How long have you been in residential real estate?  Do you sell real estate full time?

While experience is no guarantee of skill, real estate — like many other professions — is mostly learned with on the job experience.  Years in the real estate business really doesn’t mean much if the agent is part-time or doesn’t do multiple transaction per year.

2. What designations or licenses do you hold?

Designations such as a Broker’s license, CLHMS, and GRI which require that agents take additional, specialized real estate training, are held only by a small fraction of real estate agents. Holding these designations is similar to having a masters degree in real estate.

3. How many homes did you sell last year?

By asking this question, you’ll get a good idea of how much experience the real estate agent has.

4. How many days did it take you to sell the average home? How does that compare to the overall market?

The Real Estate Agent you interview should have these facts on hand, and be able to present market statistics from the local Multiple Listing Service to provide a comparison.

5. Describe your negotiation practices, or experiences?

When selecting the professional who will be working towards netting you as much money on your home as possible, trusting your Real Estate Agent and their market knowledge are very important. Their ability to negotiate on your behalf is, by far, the most important reason to hire a particular real estate agent. How they articulate the answer to this one question will give you a good idea of how skilled a negotiator they really are. The percentage of how close the list price of a home is to the sales price is known as the average list price to sales price ratio. A Real Estate Agent should know their numbers cold at all times.

6. What types of specific marketing systems and approaches will you use to sell my home?

You don’t want someone who’s going to put your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and a sign in the yard. Look for someone who has aggressive and innovative approaches, and knows how to market your property competitively on the Internet and in Print.  Buyers today want information fast, so it’s important that your Real Estate Agent is responsive and provides exposure for your property on multiple websites and through several online platforms. For luxury properties and estates, custom marketing plans are imperative as each home is unique and will likely attract niche buyers. Your luxury home needs a custom marketing plan, so don’t settle for less!

7. Will you represent me exclusively, or will you represent both the buyer and the seller in the transaction?

While it is legal to represent both parties in a transaction, it’s important to understand where the agent’s obligations lie. Your Real Estate Agent should explain their agency relationship to you and describe the rights of each party.

8. Can you recommend service providers who can help me obtain a mortgage on my next home purchase, make home repairs to my current property, and help with other things I need done?

Real Estate Agents are engaged in the industry, they’re wonderful resources as you look for lenders, home improvement companies, and other home service providers. Visit our concierge page to view our current resources.

9. What type of support and supervision does your brokerage office provide to you?

Having resources such as in-house support staff, moving counselor, on staff stager, access to a real estate attorney, and assistance with technology can help an agent sell your home.

10. What’s your business philosophy?

There’s no right answer to this question, the response will help you assess what’s important to the agent and determine how closely the agent’s goals and business emphasis fit your needs.

11. How will you keep me informed about the progress of my transaction? How frequently?

Do you want updates twice a week or do you prefer not to be bothered unless there’s a hot prospect? Do you prefer phone, e-mail, or a personal visit?

12. Could you please give me the names and contact information of your three most recent clients?

Ask former clients if they would work with this Real Estate Agent again. Find out whether they were pleased with the communication style, follow-up, and work ethic of the Real Estate Agent.   If contact information for previous clients is not available, be sure to check endorsements and reviews on websites such as Facebook, Google, Linkedin, and Yelp.

Bottom Line:  Does your Real Estate Agent have the experience, tools, and skills to negotiate in your corner?


  • the best terms.
  • the fastest way possible.
  • seamlessly.


Properties aren’t exactly alike in West Hollywood, Century City, or Beverly Hills.  The Heldoorn Group will evaluate how to provide your specific property with the maximum exposure possible so that you can obtain The Highest Possible Price. Our team is a very tech savvy group that utilize the latest in technology for the benefit of our clients. In addition to having an on staff professional photographer and showcasing your property on the Multiple Listing Service, we also engage in a comprehensive Internet and social media marketing strategy to get as many qualified buyers to view your property as possible– whether its local or international.  Below is our written marketing plan we implement for our sellers. It’s a powerful comprehensive marketing strategy to get the highest possible price for your home!


1. Walk through the home with you to make suggestions for preparing your property for a faster sale and to net more money for you.

2. “Getting Ready” checklist and schedule prepared.

3. Presale Inspections: together, we decide which inspections will be performed prior to going onto the market to eliminate uncertainty and make your home more marketable.

4. Staging advice and coordination: our own professional stager will do a room-by-room assessment of your home—developing a list of recommendations to dramatically improve the appeal and impact of your home. We give you the keys to making it more inviting to potential buyers.

5. Showing instructions and lockbox use reviewed with owner. We make sure your home is available for showings whenever a possible buyer is ready to see it.

6. Prepare the Seller Disclosure Package for your property so that it can be appropriately positioned in the marketplace.

7. “Home for Sale” sign placed in yard with property-specific riders.

8. Announce your listing immediately to our Keller Williams Realty offices and on Intranet to create enthusiasm about your property to their potential buyers.

9. Virtual tour and photo session shoot scheduled when your property is ready (de-cluttered, cleaned, and staged). Virtual tours are posted on YouTube and other media platforms.

10. Prepare a detailed list of features that you property offers. This comprehensive list of property features will be used in our marketing materials and strategy.

11. Multiple high-quality, professional photos taken of property and hand-selected for marketing purposes.

12. Telling the Story: most agents primarily focus on the facts and features of a home when they expose it to the market. Our focus is on telling the story of your home and its special benefits. The difference is subtle but powerful. All of our marketing, including property brochures, print marketing, Web marketing, virtual tours, etc, are focused on telling the story of your home through words and photos. Buyers only care about the facts and features of your home after they have connected with it emotionally.

13. Custom, full-color property brochures designed, professionally printed, and delivered.

14. Distribute “Just Listed” postcards to homes in your area (if applicable). An excellent promotion of your property, the custom-made marketing piece will feature photographs and important features of your home, so your neighbors can tell their friends. Neighbors often know others that may want to live in your neighborhood.

15. Email marketing campaign to REALTORS and personal contacts.

16. Submit property details, showing instructions, photos, and tour information, to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), to receive maximum exposure to all members of the REALTORS community in Silicon Valley and to all potential buyers.

17. Professional property photos and virtual tour uploaded to hundreds of Internet Web sites for exposure to all potential buyers and investors—locally, nationally, and internationally.

18. Social Media marketing campaign implemented on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Roost, and several other social media Web sites. Links to the virtual tour, photos, and detailed property description will be included.

19. Pre-marketing activities for your property on Keller Williams Web sites (locally and internationally) and on all Web sites belonging to The Heldoorn Group (including a pictorial slideshow and a detailed written editorial of your home) before it even enters the market.

20. Digital Marketing and a unique Web Site. If your address is 123 Main Street, we will create a unique Web address such as Your unique Web address would be on all marketing materials, even on the sign in your front yard!

21. Property listings created for popular real estate Web sites such as (featured on Enhanced Listings),, and many others with detailed property features and descriptions and multiple photographs so your property can be seen first. Enhanced property listings on yield as much as 20 times more exposure than listings without.

22. Craigslist and other online classifieds.

23. Create and distribute blog post about your property. Through our popular and powerful blogging platforms on our community blog on and our real estate Web site. We will market information on your listing to the “blog sphere” to reach even more qualified buyers.

24. Incorporate other marketing methods unique to your property to attract the buyers that your property will best suit.

25. Multiple ways to inquire about your property on each Web site on which it is featured.

26. Open houses scheduled (if appropriate).

27. Every inquiry about your property will be responded to in a timely manner.

28. Promote your property at local broker tour meetings. Feature your property on broker tour (if available).

29. Feedback from local REALTORS will be solicited, summarized and reported to you on a weekly basis.

30. Performance and strategy reviews. Weekly program reports, updates of market changes, and relevant properties sent to you for review.

31. Inspect vacant property for security and condition on a regular basis.

32. Continued suggestions and advice for positive changes that can be made to the property to maximize marketability are provided.

33. Communicate progress in marketing your home with you regularly.

34. Complete due diligence on all inquiries and submitted purchase offers (including research on all prospective buyers whenever possible).

35. Professionally represent you upon presentation of purchase offers by the cooperating real estate agents. Negotiate the highest possible price and best terms for you at all times.

36. Work toward putting great offers together in writing and submitting all offers to you in person or via DocuSign (if you are out-of-town or not available).

With a little effort on your part, your property can sell more quickly and at a better price. According to Home Staging Statistics, “94% of staged homes sell on average in 29 days or less,” and almost always at a higher price. The following tips have proved invaluable to owners and will help to make your property more appealing to potential buyers:

Preparation for showing

  • Curb appeal is everything! Keep lawn in tip top shape. Reseed the lawn and fertilize if necessary, weed the flower beds and add mulch. Deep green grass makes a lasting impression.   Plant color in the front to add a “home” feel.
  • Stage for a quick sale with more money. Faded walls and worn woodwork reduce appeal. Only approximately 10-15% of buyers can see the “potential” in a property. Do you want to potentially turn-off 85-90% of buyers? A small investment in neutral colors will pay dividends. A quicker sale at a higher price will result in most cases. First impressions are lasting! The front door greets the prospect. Make sure it looks nice and clean. If the trim is looking a little frayed, our suggestion is to spruce it up with a coat of paint prior to your property going onto the market.
  • Let the sun shine in. Open draperies and curtains and let the prospect see how cheerful your property can be.  (Dark rooms do not appeal to most buyers).
  • Make sure the glass is spotless.
  • Are the appliances operating properly and clean?
  • Fix the faucet! Dripping water discolors sinks and suggests plumbing challenges.
  • Repairs can make a big difference. Loose knobs, and other minor flaws can make a buyer disappear.
  • From top to bottom, Get rid of all unnecessary decor and personal items. Buyers have to image themselves living there.
  • Keep stairways clear. Avoid cluttered appearances and possible injuries.
  • Pack excess linens and clothing to make closets look bigger.  Leave plenty of cleared floor space in closets.  Neat, well-ordered closets show the space is ample—a big feature for buyers!
  • Bathrooms help sell properties. Make the bathrooms sparkle and shine.
  • Arrange bedrooms neatly. Remove excess furniture. Use attractive, updated bedspreads, pillows, and fresh-looking window coverings.
  • Make sure to remove (or mention to The Heldoorn Group) any attached items that are not included, such as shelves, televisions, light fixtures.
  • Get familiar with the competition. What other homes in my area are on the market?
  • Have I asked The Heldoorn Group for a list of ways I can improve the “marketability” of my property without wasting time and money?
  • Make sure every single light bulb is on in the home, even in the daylight.
  • Have I started looking for my new property? Do I know what I want in another property? Whether you are planning to stay in Los Angeles or Orange County, or are moving outside of this area, The Heldoorn Group has an expanded worldwide network to help you with your relocation.
  • What do I need to do to prepare for my upcoming move?  The Heldoorn Group has many resources available to help you with real estate and beyond. Just ask and we’ll be happy to set up a consultation with our on-staff moving counselor.